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Hey there, I'm Dr. Alex and I'm the author of The Playbook for a Winning Chiropractic Practice...

When I graduated chiropractic college - about nine years ago - I knew I wanted to have a cash practice.

I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I like a challenge, so “bring it on” I thought. What I didn’t know was how much of a challenge it would be...

The chiropractic college I went to, Palmer West, did a pretty good job of teaching me how to be a chiropractor, but they didn’t do a very good job teaching me how to run a small business.

So, I had to figure it all out for myself.

Since you are reading this right now, your experience probably mimics my own.

Starting a Practice From Scratch Was Tough

I had a rough time starting out. It was especially rough because I didn't have a road map or guide to follow. No great plans or checklists. I was dropped in the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim... or even tread water...

At first I built up a modestly successful practice using a low price model and manual labor. I was pretty happy initially because I had people coming in and it felt good, but my low price, revolving door style of practice began to wear on me.

I was getting paid very little for every adjustment, I felt used by a lot of clients, and the drop-in nature of my practice simply catered to quick fix clients looking for band-aid care.

I was stuck.

My practice ran me.

I was marketing in the street with my flyers and signs, scraping the bottom of the barrel and dealing mostly with haters and losers. I was charging way less than my adjustment was worth, and often even losing money on patients. My clients were dictating their own care and weren’t really getting better.

I was frustrated and emotionally drained.

The Last Straw

The last straw came one weekend while standing on the sidewalk with my retractable signs.
After handing out fliers for a while I went to take a short break.

Upon coming back to my area, I notice that one of my signs had some liquid sprayed on it. I was puzzled.

I looked closer and found it was... take a guess... I found it was URINE! A dog had peed on my sign!

Alright, breaks of the game, I thought. Whatever. I got some water and washed off my sign, and washed out the odious, pungent waste fluid that had accumulated at the base of my banner.

The next week I was out with my signs again, and guess what...

I went to take a break and it happened again.

A dog peed on my sign, again.

Enough was enough.

I Knew Something Had to Change

I knew there were better ways to get clients rather than hustling in the street. I knew I could run a better practice and a better business than the one I had assembled with duct tape and band aids.

I Committed Myself to Learning Everything About Business, Sales and Marketing

So, I went back to “school.” I got my hands on everything I could about business, sales and marketing. I needed to learn it all. I started going to business seminars and workshops, spending virtually all the money I made and the extra time I had learning everything I could about business, sales and marketing.

I learned how to write ad copy, I learned how to run direct mail campaigns, Facebook advertising campaigns, Google pay per click ads, I wrote a book, The Human Body Handbook, I learned how to create and deliver persuasive talks, I learned how to sell chiropractic in the best way possible. I learned it all.

I'm kind of an obsessive guy... I probably have some version of OCD. When I get into something, I really get into it. And, one of my greatest skills is being able to assimilate, condense and consolidate information then translate it into easy to understand, organized, bite sized chunks. This is exactly what I've done with business, sales and marketing...

And I’m Going to Share Everything I've Learned With You in this Book

It’s everything I wish I had known when I started my own practice. It's 200 pages of the most relevant knowledge, plans and recipes for dominating in practice.

The information in this book is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars to you, maybe more. It's the best thing I've done in my life so far. I wanted to write something better than any of the practice management materials out there and I think I have succeeded. I’ve spent thousands on expensive practice management coaching and didn’t get even a fraction of the business, sales and marketing information you’re about to discover in this book.

I wrote this book for you, so you can have a road map or guide to follow so you can build your dream practice and live the great life you want and deserve.

You're About to Discover:

  • How to build a modern, high-value chiropractic practice that fits in with modern medicine yet stays principled...
  • How to set yourself apart from your competition and position yourself as the go-to chiropractor in your area...
  • The secrets to marketing and advertising, and how to create marketing systems that get people in and prevent them from leaving...
  • New ways to leverage social media for more celebrity, credibility, and new patients...
  • How to write a book in 60 days using just your free time so you become a bona fide expert that people aspire to do business with...
  • The keys to the art and science of rhetoric, persuasion and persuasive speaking...
  • How to create and deliver successful talks and workshops that generate regular new patients...
  • How to attract the patients you want and build the practice of your dreams...
    Plus much, much more, including some great bonuses...

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I've spent thousands on practice management tools and coaching that didn't deliver a FRACTION of what you're going to get in my book. 

The content in my book is legitimately worth thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to you. And today you can buy it for only 10 bucks...

Want to Know More?
Check Out My Table of Contents:

Here's a list of my chapters and what you'll learn in each one:


The Greatest Marketing Asset You Have as a Chiropractor

This sets us apart from other professions and makes us special,
yet some chiropractors what to get rid of it.


How Chiropractic Can Fit in with Medicine Yet Still Remain Principled

In this thought provoking chapter you get a vision for the future of chiropractic, where we can "fit in" the medical system for more respect from other healthcare professions yet still remain principled.


The Appropriate Mindset for a Successful, Professional Doctor

Do you want to serve people? Or do you want to actually SAVE them? It's a semantic difference with a BIG distinction. You'll change the way you look at practice after you read this chapter.


The Power of Positioning

Do you want to be the Walmart of chiropractic? Or the Waldorf? Discover how dramatically powerful positioning is, what it means, and how to do it.


How to Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

Where I live, chiropractors are like Starbucks... there's one on every corner. Here's how to stand out among your competition so you pop out to potential clients.


How to Level Up Your Positioning and Status as the
Go-To Chiropractor in Your Area

A how to guide to positioning yourself as the no-brainer option in your area.


How to Become a Celebrity

In this chapter you'll learn how to build celebrity in yourself so you are even more obviously the only chiropractor people should do business with...


How to Level Up Your Expertise

How you can pretty easily SKYROCKET your perceived level of expertise. It's all about making yourself the clear and obvious choice to consumers, and this chapter will show you how to seal the deal.


The Winning Business Mindset for Private Practice Market Domination

Business is cutthroat. Here's how to look at business to make sure you not only thrive, but DOMINATE.


What Your Prices Say about You and Why Your Pricing Strategy Matters to Your Patients

Price matters a lot more than you think, and not necessarily for the reasons you think. In this chapter you'll discover the secrets to pricing psychology.


How to Improve Your Relationship With Money

I had a terrible relationship with money when I was a lad. You might have a poor relationship with money and not even know it. Even if you have a great relationship with money, this chapter will show you how to improve your attitude towards money for more prosperity.


How to Create an Abundance Mentality for a More Successful Practice and Life

Abundance is a word repeated so often it's lost it's meaning. Here's a logical approach to understanding "abundance mentality" and applying it to your life. This is a pre-requisite for any real personal success.


How to Chart Your Course and Stake Your Claim in Life

If you don't have a clear vision of where you're going you are just treading water. This chapter shows you how to chart your course and stake your claim in life.


Business Funnel Structure and Strategy

Most businesses have defined structures, tiered pricing and a strategy behind getting people and getting them to pay you. Here's how to understand business structure and strategy, and how to apply it to your office.


How to Attract the Patients You Want

If you don't define who you want, you'll get who you don't want. Read it. Learn it. Do it.


Marketing 101

Everything you ought to know about marketing - what it is, how to do it.


The Cheapest yet Most Effective Advertising Tool in Your Arsenal

Discover the different types of advertising, which one you should be using, and how to apply it to supercharge your marketing, including how to boost the power of the easiest and cheapest marketing tool you have.


How to Create a Website that Runs on Autopilot to
Regularly and Consistently Attract New Patients

 Being on the web is super important as you know. The problem is your options are usually building a crap website yourself, or paying someone to make one for you. Well, here's a really easy way to do it yourself and make it look great. It does take some work if you want to do it yourself, but I make it as easy as possible.


How to Dominate Your Local Market With SEO

Here's how to leverage the latest SEO techniques to get top ranking in the search engines. Lots of step by step instructions. Pretty important stuff that you definitely want to read and follow.


How to Dominate With Social Media

Here's are the fundamentals on building an audience on social media. Fundamentals win fights. Fundamentals win wars. Fundamentals win at social media too.


How to Build a Relationship With Your Audience and Turn them Into Patients

Here's how to leverage social media to create an audience eager for you, what you have to say, and what you have to sell.


The Super Easy Social Media Domination Strategy

How you can use one simple video to completely blow up the top social media channels and get massive attention.


How to Become a Youtube Star

Basic but valuable. How to use YouTube to expose people to your personality. You'll have people coming in because of your videos.


The Single Most Significant Thing You Can Do
To Position Yourself as a Go-To Expert

I'm going to show you how to write a book in about two months. I wrote this book in two months. Sure, editing took some time and I had to design the cover and the back end, but follow the instructions in this chapter and you'll be a bona fide author. Fast.


The Gift of Gab - How to Be More Persuasive

Persuasion is an art and science. Here's a super duper primer that will boost your persuasion skills fast. Practice the stuff in this chapter and you'll get really good. This chapter and the next are easily worth the entire price of the book.


How to Get People to Do What You Want

This interesting chapter shows you sneaky tricks you can use to persuade people. If you are persuading people to do what is truly right for them, to help them overcome their own resistance to get what they truly need, this chapter is very valuable. Please use the information in this chapter ETHICALLY. It's very powerful.


How to Build a Successful Talk or Workshop

A 6 part checklist of exactly what to say to make a dynamite workshop that compels people to come see you.


How to Make Every Screening a Super Success

This 5 part screening formula will give you the best shot at signing up everybody who could possibly sign up to become a new patient. Instead of not knowing what to say or what to do, you'll have an easy formula for screening success, and really make every screening a great tool for patient acquisition.


How to Sell Chiropractic for Higher Conversion and Higher Patient Compliance

Sales is empowering. When you can connect someone with the right solution they're looking for, you're doing them a great service. Here's how to analyze the client's needs, build trust, and deliver.


Patching the "Leaks" in Your Practice for Higher Patient Conversion and Retention

Do you play "Catch and Release" with your clients? You know, let them go once you get them in? That's a horrible mistake. Here's all you need to never lose another patient again.


How to Get More Referrals

Referred patients make the best patients. Here's six ways to get more referrals into your office. Easy.


Conclusion and Special Offer

I wrap up my book with a special offer for entrepreneurial chiropractors who have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and success.

And More...

Just know that this book is unlike anything you've ever seen and is truly worth tens of thousands of dollars to you, provided you act on the info inside. Come on, it's 10 bucks! What do you have to lose??

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Closes For Chiropractic

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