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Book Review: Illusions by Richard Bach


You are led
through your lifetime
by the inner learning creature,
the playful spiritual being
that is your real self.

Don’t turn away
from possible futures
before you’re certain you don’t have
anything to learn from them.

You’re always free
to change your mind and
choose a different future, or
a different

What if a messiah quit his job as a messiah? What would he do?

Donald Shimoda, former master mechanic and former messiah, quit his job as a messiah to become a barn burner, a pilot who makes his living by giving people short flights in his airplane for cash.

In his travels he meets another barn burner, Richard Bach, and shares stories and lessons about the nature of reality with true messianic wisdom.

Part spiritual guide, part self help, part philosophy and part just plain old good story, this short read will help you look at yourself and your identity with fresh eyes.

When you finish this thought provoking fable, you may re-assess and even shed some of your habits, thoughts and beliefs created by this transient, illusory world.

Highly recommend. I give this book a perfect score of 5/7.

Get your copy right here and change the way you see things.

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