Attention Chiropractors:

Are You Playing "Catch and Release"
With Your Patients, Leads and Prospects?

Continue Reading and Discover How You Can Easily Systematize Your Follow Up
So You Can Re-Claim the Fortune You're Losing Due to Poor and Inadequate Follow Up

Dear Fellow Chiropractor,

I know you work hard. You’re probably hustling on the streets doing health fairs and health screenings on the weekends, maybe spending money on newspaper ads, or doing health talks for companies to get new clients in the door...

Often it's exciting to meet potential clients... they're eager for your help and you're excited to help them because chiropractic is awesome and it's your duty to help them, but then...

They don't make an appointment....

They say they'll call...

They don't show up...

Out of the 30 people you might meet, only a handful actually make it into your office...

And even if they do come in, there's no guarantee they will stay as long term clients...

Listen: you are not alone. Not only do chiropractors experience this, every profession experiences it...

The key is, most other sales people know that the majority of prospects don't "buy" you or your product after just one interaction, it takes persistent follow up to turn most prospects into clients...

5 Reasons People Don't Buy At the First Encounter:

  1. They don't know you yet.
  2. They aren't familiar with your product.
  3. They're insecure about making a poor decision.
  4. They just don't know enough to make a decision yet.
  5. Other stuff is going on in their lives that you can't predict.

Who knows all the reasons why people don't buy. It's really not that important.

What is important is to follow up with potential prospects. Great salespeople know that tenacity results in sales.

A lot of inexperienced sales people may quit after one or two follow ups. However:

Studies show that 80% of people need at least 5 follow ups before they are ready to buy from you.

Are you following up 5 times with every prospect?

Most chiropractors don't follow up at all. If someone fails to show or stops coming in, most chiropractors just let them go. It's a travesty...

If you haven't been following up diligently with your patients at every stage, it's time you start.

It's your ethical duty to get people under care and help them to the best of your abilities. You need your patients to get better so they see the value in chiropractic, keep coming back and refer their friends, but your prospects won't even get started with you if you let them fall through the cracks by not following up...

The Fortune is In The Follow Up

Your clients and prospects need to be treated like gold - made to feel special and appreciated and constantly engaged - or they'll go someplace else.

When I started my own practice, I had no idea about anything that had to do with sales and marketing...

I'd spend my weekends on the street with my signs, handing out flyers, getting trash talked to me by people who "don't believe in chiropractic." I'd have my signs peed on by dogs (yes this happened many times), just to get one or maybe two new clients...

I'd schedule them up for the following week, and half wouldn't show up! Even if they did, most would just come in for one visit - making all the grief I went through only worth 60 bucks...

Further, I felt like I failed these people because I knew chiropractic could help them, however I didn't have the marketing skills to actually get them in the office...

I knew something had to change.

So, I went "back to school..." I started studying and learning everything I could about business, marketing, and copywriting... I became obsessed. I started voraciously devouring every sales related book I could get my hands on. I spent virtually all of my income on sales courses, marketing courses and advertising tests, and through my trials and tribulations I found reliable ways to systematize my practice.

Creating systems is the secret to all successful businesses.

One of the systems I created for my business was an automatic follow up system.

If I met someone on the street and they were interested in coming in, I'd send them an email sequence offering them a special deal to come in within the next two weeks.

If they gave me their address (which I insisted on my wellness surveys, or to receive my book in the mail), I would send them a snail mail letter campaign in addition to the email sequence with really cool 3D features in the envelope, to ensure it was opened and read (more on that later)...

When the prospect came in for the first visit, I had a thank you card ready to send out, along with a welcome email...

If the prospect didn't show up for their report of findings, I had another sequence of three emails and three letters ready to go, to make sure I was doing everything I could to get them into my office and fulfill my duty as a chiropractor.

If a regular client didn't show up for three months or six months, I had yet another email and snail mail sequence ready to send them...

I created follow up sequences for almost every possible scenario, and I want to share them with you, today...

Introducing: The Ultimate Follow Up Formula

The Ultimate Follow Up Formula is a set of Professionally made, Done-For-You Mail and Email Follow Up Templates
For Virtually Every Situation in Your Practice Where Clients Might "Slip Through The Cracks,"
So You Keep all the Clients, Leads and Prospects You Work so Hard to Get, and Never Lose Another Patient Again.

The Ultimate Follow Up Formula is specifically designed to get noticed, get opened, and get your prospects and clients to TAKE ACTION and get into your office...

The Ultimate Follow Up Formula was created after thousands of hours studying and writing advertisements, and is based on tried and true advertising principles used by great copywriters...

I put in thousands of hours of work, and thousands of dollars to teach myself copywriting (writing direct response advertising) in order to create the Ultimate Follow Up Formula, and let me tell you... it works!

I get great feedback from my customers about my letters and you will too when you get the Ultimate Follow Up Formula and start using it in your practice today...

The Ultimate Follow Up Formula is for you if...

  • You recognize following up is important and want to follow up with prospects but you don't know exactly how or what to say...
  • You want to have the best shot at turning as many prospects as you can into clients for life...
  • You create CARE PLANS for your clients - low client value practices that charge $15 per adjustment simply won't get the most out of this program so if you are a low value chiropractor this is not for you... However, if you want to change your practice to reflect a High Value office, this package is a GREAT way to start!!!
  • You aren't afraid of spending a few bucks on mailing the most effective advertising available to prospects in order to turn them into clients...
  • You want a simple, reliable SYSTEM you can use to follow up with clients and customers, complete with professionally made templates and training videos that are so easy to follow your elderly parents could do it...

The Ultimate Follow Up Formula
Contains all the Following Follow Ups,
Plus Bonus Templates Too!

Screening Follow Up With Offer For a New Client

Everyone you meet will now have the best chance of making an appointment and coming in with this great 6 part follow up.

First Visit Thank You
Follow Up

Send your new prospects a nice thank you card and email they will love with this email and mail campaign.

Didn't Take X-rays
Follow Up

If you refer out for x-rays and some people don't make the appointment - this will make sure they re-schedule (6 part follow up)!

Didn't Show Up For ROF Follow Up

If your prospect doesn't show up for the ROF for whatever reason - you're prepared to get them back in (6 parts).

Attended ROF But Didn't Buy Follow Up

If they still weren't sure at this point, hit them with my 6 part follow up.

Post Purchase Thank You Follow Up

Go above and beyond and create a great customer experience with my thank you follow up 2 step campaign.

Postpone Treatment
Follow Up

Work or life getting in the way of your client getting the care they need? Send them the "postpone treatment" 6 part follow up.

Lost Customer Reactivation
Follow Up

Send this 6 step lost customer campaign to a lost client and watch them come right back!

Powerful Endorsed Mailing Campaign

Leverage your best clients with this 3 part patient generating campaign mailing campaign where you use an existing client's goodwill to send a patient generating mailing campaign to their list.

Plus Training Videos For Each Follow Up And More!

Think about it: how many clients and prospects have you let slip through the cracks...

Imagine right now
how many more regular clients you'd have if you properly followed up with all of them, and imagine how many more prospects and clients you'll keep when you Get The Follow Up Formula Today and start really following up with them like you should...

It may sound like a pain to send out a 6 step follow up sequence. However let me assure you, it's as easy as tying your shoes! It takes only a few minutes to customize the mailings, and the scheduling tools I include as part of the Formula make it really, really easy...

Anyway - if you can make a few thousand bucks from just a couple minutes of work - isn't that worth it!!???

When you get the Ultimate Follow Up Formula Today:

You Get 47 Professionally Written Follow Ups :

Each written in a straightforward, easy to understand manner: In copywriting you want to keep your letters at a 6th grade reading level. All my letters are written with this guideline in mind to make sure they are very easy to read and understand.

Many of the campaigns utilize 3D attention grabbers to ensure they are opened fast and NEVER thrown away! Great sales letters often use attention grabbers and so do my mailings. I utilize things like million dollar bills, dice, bugs, "worry dolls," boomerangs, sand timers (all available on amazon for very cheap - links included) to make sure the mail is always opened and never thrown away!

Accountability and planning worksheets are included: I make it easy to systematize and plan out WHEN to send the mailings out for maximum response! I make it really easy to coordinate the mailings - you can have your staff do it... it's so easy, even your kids can do it!


You're also going to get a GOLD MINE of Brilliant Monthly Marketing Materials

Let's face it, some people still might not respond to your follow-ups, and for that reason it's VITAL to keep them engaged on a regular basis...

My monthly mailers, emails and special reports give you an easy way to touch all your clients, leads and prospects EVERY MONTH, so you're always on their mind. This means more return customers, more new patients, and more income so you can have the freedom and lifestyle you want...

Here's what else you're about to get when you buy the Ultimate Follow Up Formula today:

12 Monthly Templated Oversized Mailers

It's VITAL to stay in touch with your clients and these mailers make it REALLY EASY...

Every professionally designed flyer comes as a template for you to easily modify with your details so you can reach out to all your patients, leads and prospects every month for more visits, more referrals and more income!

Instructional Videos are included for every flyer and I show you how to get the flyers printed so success with these flyers is virtually guaranteed....

12 Monthly Pre-Written Emails

You're getting 12 pre-written monthly emails to send in the beginning of the month. These emails are cleverly written, include valuable healthy information and a great recipe your clients will love to make!

This is a great way to keep in touch through regular emails, and also include a spot to deliver your special monthly offer to your patients, leads and prospects!

12 Monthly Special PDF Reports for Your Clients

These 12 special PDF reports are designed to provide immense value to your clients and also remind your clients about your expiring monthly offer.

Email marketing is crucial to keeping the attention of your clients, and with this package you'll have two pre-made emails to send your clients, leads and prospects every month!

Offer Generation Manual and Worksheet

You've read about including offers every month, and you might be wondering what kind of offer to send, and how to design an offer...

Well, this manual and worksheet will show you how to make an offer very easily, no matter how you practice!

The Offer Generation Worksheet creates your offer easily and in a straightforward method so you can use your offer in your emails and monthly mailer!

Plus You Get Instructional Videos to Make Everything Very, Very Easy!

I want you to get the Ultimate Follow Up Formula today
because I know how great it's gonna be for your practice,
however if you still have reservations, I want you to know that:

You Don't Have to Decide Today:
Try it Out for 60 Days, On Me!

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 60 DAYS!

I want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If for ANY reason, you aren't 100% satisfied, just let me know and I'll refund all your money, no questions asked.

By Now You Might Be Wondering:
"So How Much Does It Cost?"

At this point you will probably agree that The Ultimate Follow Up Formula can potentially make you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

You probably see the value that follow up has with potential clients and you most likely know you can follow up better than you are now. You also probably have come to the conclusion that this program is the most complete done-for-you marketing program on the market and you probably imagine how much money it will generate for you.

Making all these materials was a monumental task... If you hired a copywriter or marketer to make this program for you, it would easily cost many thousands of dollars. Even if I charged you $5,000, the program would be a huge bargain and completely pay for itself with just a few new clients or re-activations.

However: You aren't going to pay anywhere close to $5000 today.

You aren't even going to pay $2000

Nope, not even half that!

Today, The Ultimate Follow Up Formula
can be yours with only one payment of:

only $997

Get the Ultimate Follow Up Formula today and Re-Claim Your Lost Fortune!

Remember: the Ultimate Follow Up Formula comes with over 80 Done-For-You marketing pieces in all  that you can start using today to convert prospects, re-activate lost clients, and make you thousands of dollars you would otherwise lose...

It includes training videos and planning worksheets that make it really easy to get started...

It's based on the most persuasive copywriting tactics and techniques, and has produced great results for me, and my clients love it...

If it's so great - Why is it so Affordable!?

There are Two Reasons You Can Have The Ultimate Follow Up Formula Today For Only $997

  • 1. I just started this new venture, Practice Domination, and want to build a relationship with you as easy as possible. This is my flagship product and for a limited time I'm making it available at a bargain basement price. I hope to create a long standing relationship with you. When you see the value in my products I know you will be eager to buy more from me and that is a big win for both of us.
  • 2. I don't want to sound corny, however I wish I had something like the Ultimate Follow Up Formula when I was starting out. I lost tens of thousands of dollars because of inadequate follow up and I don't want that to happen to you. Whether you are new in practice or a veteran, I guarantee this program will work great for you. If you don't like it for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money.

By Now You Know How Critically Important it is to Follow Up,
And the World's Top Sales Experts Agree:

Grant Cardone, Author of Sell or Be Sold on Follow Up:

"Follow up is a massive problem across all retailers and an even bigger opportunity for those that commit to exploiting it."

The single thing that can set you apart is how well your people do following up your customers. Ignore the lead and it will cost you money.

Grant Cardone

Tom Hopkins, Sales Trainer Extraordinaire, on Follow Up:

Follow up, follow up, follow up until they buy … or die.

Tom Hopkins

Dan Kennedy, "The Millionaire Maker," on Follow Up:

You have a great product or service, and you have big aspirations for your business. You’re confident, you’re working hard, and you’re enjoying some success. If you could only get more out of your sales and marketing efforts, you know your profits would soar.

If this strikes a chord, then you need to learn about the one thing that's sure to dramatically improve your sales: follow-up.

Dan Kennedy

Follow Up is the Most Vital Step to Any Sales Process, and
Today You Can Start Using a Proven, Templated, Easy to Use
Follow Up Formula to Ensure You Never Lose Another Client Again

Remember, when you claim your copy of the Ultimate Follow Up Formula Today, You'll Receive:

  • Over 47 mail and email follow ups for virtually every scenario in practice so you never let another new patient "slip through the cracks"
  • 12 professionally made done-for-you themed monthly postcard templates that you can use for YEARS as marketing pieces
  • 12 monthly emails and 12 PDF special reports to be sent out every month, with an offer coordinated with the monthly mailer, so you get a flood of new patients and returning patients every month
  • My Offer Generation Manual and Worksheet that generates great offers you can use in your mailers and emails
  • Complete video training for all the materials so you can get started FAST and without confusion
  • A Quick Start manual with links for all the "3D" mail novelty inserts, to make sure your mailings are NEVER thrown away
  • Accountability worksheets and mailing schedules so you never forget a mailing and always know what to send
  • All in an easy to use package that either you or your staff can use to relentlessly follow up with new leads and lost clients
  • Bonus mailings and thank you scripts, and more...

Look, maybe you didn't know how important follow up was in the past. I want you to know that it's not your fault.  Blame the teachers and schools that don't teach marketing and sales...

However, now that you see how important it is to follow up, it's your responsibility to start following up in the most complete manner possible.

When you get the Follow Up Formula and start following up today, you can rest easy knowing you're doing all you can to keep your patients and maximize your revenue.

I want to see your practice grow exponentially, and the Ultimate Follow Up Formula will help you do just that.

Don't Let Another Patient Slip Through the Cracks -
Get The Ultimate Follow Up Formula Today!

Get the Ultimate Follow Up Formula Today, and
Stop Letting Prospects and Clients Fall Through The Cracks
Properly Follow Up For Better Retention and Re-Claim Your Lost Fortune!

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I want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If for ANY reason, you aren't 100% satisfied, just let me know and I'll refund all your money, no questions asked.