Get Out of the Office!

Sometimes I come here to do work. I also golf here. A lot.

A lot of what you do as a chiropractor and probably business owner involves creativity. Writing ads, creating patient handouts, writing blogs, getting ideas for promotions and all your other duties require you to use the creative part of your brain.

Often when I don’t have patients I’ll sit at my desk and think about blog post topics, ideas for talks, promotions, etc and not a whole lot comes to my mind. Often I won’t even want to get started on anything and I’ll waste time.

Then, when I leave the office, I get a flood of new ideas and have to write them all down or I won’t remember them.

This got me thinking.

Dangerous, I know.

It made me think that maybe I should spend more time out of the office.

In my office at my desk I get a little under stimulated. I get bored, start looking at YouTube and then time goes by and I didn’t get anything done.

In my office it looks the same, smells the same and it is the same. It’s a nice place, don’t get me wrong, but it falls a bit short at stimulating my creativity.

When I go to the coffee shop or even to the restaurant at the golf course where I spend a lot of time, I’m stimulated.

There are people around, sounds, smells, usually I’ll have a coffee at the coffee shop or a beer at the golf course tap house and read or write or brain storm stuff and the ideas flow much, much better.

I wrote a little about this in my book, The Playbook for Chiropractic Practice Domination, which you should definitely buy because it has a ton of useful info you can use.

I have a section in the book on how you can write your own book in 60 days. The hardest step in writing a book is creating an outline and filling it in.

After that’s done it’s all downhill. After you write the outline, it’s easy. You’re just filling in the blanks.

Writing your outline requires a lot of creative stimulation.

The way I write my outlines is exactly the way I just described. Find a place that stimulates you or inspires you. You might want to have a beer or glass of wine while you write. I used to enjoy having a couple beers while I wrote (I still do occasionally) because it loosened me up a tad and lets the ideas flow a bit easier. One of the hardest parts of writing is being too self-critical or feeling like your writing is silly or inadequate, or that nobody will want to read it.

If you ever do feel this way, just write more and more and the feelings will eventually disappear.

Anyway, the bottom line is, you might be choking your creative flow by sitting in the same place or location trying to get things done. Especially creative things.

Get out of the office. Go to a new coffee shop. Go to a new place for a beer and do the work you’d otherwise do at your desk.

Try it. You’ll thank me.

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