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Helping vs Selling and Why People Don’t Trust Chiropractors


You’ve heard chiropractors do it. Maybe you’ve seen it. Maybe you even do it yourself.

What I’m talking about is one of the main reasons chiropractors lose trust with the public.

I get it. You have to pay the bills. You need money coming in. You have to pay rent.

But you also want to maintain your integrity and ethics.

I get a lot of people in my office who’ve been sold big care plans from other doctors yet saw little improvement in their condition.

Like $5,000 care plans with little improvement.

It’s important to sell people on chiropractic. It’s important to make money. It’s important to get your patients the care they need. It’s also important to maintain your integrity and ethics.

If your patient legitimately needs a big long care plan, it’s your ethical duty to get them that care.

But you better get them results for that money. If you don’t, you’re hurting yourself, you’re hurting your clients and you’re hurting the profession.

Sometimes comprehensive care plans are what your patients need. But – if you convince them to buy a big care plan from you and you don’t deliver they’ll feel burned.

Then if sometime they need more care in the future guess what’s going to happen? They won’t be coming back to you, and they might not come back to chiropractic at all.

People have natural resistance to buying. They often need to be sold on chiropractic to overcome that buying resistance. You must remember that your main goal in selling someone chiropractic is to HELP them, not to rip them off.

If you try to convince someone they need a years worth of care and they go down the street and get fixed in two months what are they going to think? They’re gonna think you tried to rip them off.

If someone doesn’t need a three times a week plan for 6 months you shouldn’t be selling them one. If you have weak adjusting skills and need 6 months to accomplish what someone else can accomplish in three months then you need to take some technique seminars to improve your skills.

Remember the Hippocratic oath. If you sell someone on buying more care than they need, you are harming them. If you don’t deliver the results you say you will deliver, you are harming them. If your skills are weak, you are harming them. If you don’t do everything you can every visit to get someone better, you are harming them.

Maintain your ethics and integrity. Remember we are here to HELP people. Give your patients the care they need and get them better as fast as possible. Your reputation and chiropractic’s reputation is at stake. The more we help people the better off we’ll be.

Do the right thing.

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