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How to Make Your Practice Attract Patients You Want

How do you set yourself apart? Where I live chiropractors are like Starbucks. There’s one on every corner.

However, unlike Starbucks, most of the chiropractors just sell “chiropractic.” Starbucks doesn’t just sell coffee. People can go to a donut shop and buy coffee for 99 cents. Starbucks offers you something more than just coffee. There is prestige to the brand, the stores are nice inside, cozy,

Unique Selling Proposition: What do you do better than anybody that sets you apart? Why should someone buy from you?

There are a lot of chiropractors out there what can you do for people that others don’t? How are you unique?

“I create comprehensive, results-oriented solutions that eliminate your chronic or recurring pain fast and without drugs and surgery, so you can get back to living life on YOUR terms.”

You can get more specific too, especially if you interact with different niches.

I help triathletes avoid pain and rehabilitate injury so they never have to miss a competition or training day.

I help crossfitters get out of pain and prevent injury so you never have to miss a single WOD or throw down.

I help golfers avoid pain and injury so they can play their best every day.

They aren’t buying chiropractic from you. They aren’t just buying pain relief either. If they were after pain relief, Advil is way cheaper.

They are looking for something more, their ultimate goal or need.

This is what your USP should fulfill.

It’s not a meaningless slogan or catchy phrase. It has to answer some specific questions that your customer might have: What’s it gonna do for me?

It’s not just a hyperbolic adjective either.

Saying something is the best or greatest doesn’t mean a whole lot. If someone says their pizza is the best, what does that even mean?

Not much.

It would make a lot more sense to say something like “We Guarantee You’ll Love Our Thin Crust, Foldable, Authentic New York Style Pizza, or Your Money Back.”

That incorporates risk reversal with a unique selling point – thin crust foldable NY style pizza (the best kind). It sounds so good I could go for a slice right now!

Take a look at Domino’s Pizza’s former USP: “hot fresh pizza in 30 minutes or less guaranteed,” which was Domino’s Pizza’s USP until they had to drop the “30 minutes or less” part due to rumors of reckless driving.

A speedy delivery solves problems a consumer might have. Especially when we’re talking about cheap pizza in a college town. “Best” doesn’t solve any problems.

Make a USP for your practice. You’ll be setting yourself apart from your competition.

If you don’t make yourself unique, people are going to base their decision to do business with you on price instead of value, which is a terrible place to be.


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