Profit is Not a Dirty Word

When I was young I had a very bad relationship with money. I was taught it was polite to refuse money when people tried to pay me, I believed that making money typically comes at someone else’s expense, that rich people can’t get into heaven, I had an “others first” type of mentality, along with other self-sabotaging, negative beliefs.

Let me tell you this now: all of that is total crap and it hurt me big time when I first started out in business.

At first I felt bad “taking” money from people. Stupid right? My really low prices reflected my sick beliefs about money.

Then, I woke up to reality.

Profit Isn't a Dirty WordI was talking to my very successful friend Dan about Dave Asprey, the guy behind Bulletproof Exec (a very interesting blog).

My friend was buying Dave’s Upgraded Protein powder, which I thought carried a very high price tag. I told my friend that you can get almost the exact same stuff in bulk for about half the price.

What Dan told me in response has stayed in my mind ever since:

“Cost doesn’t really matter to me at all. I’ll support companies trying to provide me with a quality product, even if it’s more. Profit is not a dirty word.”

Then I thought back on things that I buy which aren’t cheap. All of us spend money on some expensive products we *could* find cheaper substitutes for.

I like to spend lots of money on my hobbies – golf clubs and accessories, outdoor gear, firearms, AV stuff…

I also spend a lot of money on things that improve my health – my desk chairs, mattress, Vitamix blender, organic fruits and vegetables, naturally raised meat, kitchen equipment, etc.

A lot of other people spend a lot of money on their health as well. They want their health to be great and they don’t mind paying you for help.

Commerce isn’t a zero-sum proposition. When you buy stuff, you don’t LOSE money buying it, you GAIN the benefits of what you are exchanging your money for.

People don’t lose money when they pay you, they gain something very valuable – improved health through chiropractic care (especially when you are practicing high-value chiropractic).

If they felt that they were losing money by paying you, they wouldn’t pay you. They’d value their money over what you are providing.

Commerce is a win-win situation. People don’t buy stuff when they don’t see a net gain in the transaction.

If profit wasn’t a motive of people and companies, there would be fewer jobs and less wealth in the world.

It’s ok to make money. It’s good to make money. Your clients want to give you money. People who like you want to see you make money. When you make money you can take care of yourself, take care of your family and take care of others by helping more people through your business and giving to charities and causes you believe in.

So remember, profit isn’t a dirty word. You sell something that the late, great, Barry Anderson called “the greatest healthcare product in the world,” and while I really dislike the word “deserve,” you DESERVE to be paid the big bucks for the incredible value you offer your community.



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