Here is a list of books and resources I HIGHLY recommend. They are all important, and I recommend reading all of them, however they are in a rough order of value / importance, so start at the beginning. When you buy one of these books through my links below I earn a very small commission which comes at no expense to you.

Think and Grow Rich

This is a must-read classic book. I like the original 1937 version. Read it a couple times.

Thick Face Black Heart

Embody the Warrior Philosophy and apply it to business and life. Great book.

Winning Through Intimidation

Great book on sticking up for yourself and your interests. Business and the real world is cutthroat. Be prepared.


The bible of persuasion. Want to be a great businessman, salesman and marketer? Get this book.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Great book on how to get along with others. Even if you have great social skills you will learn something from this book.

Psycho Cybernetics

This somewhat strange titled book will change your life. Most of what you do in life is a reflection of your self image. Change your self image and you will change your life.

Outwitting the Devil

This book is a conversation between Napoleon Hill and the devil. The devil allows your thoughts to wander, your life to drift… This book will get you to find and stay true to your definite major purpose. Highly recommend. This is the first self help style book I read and had a large impact on me.

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