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“Selling” is Not a Dirty Word


“Selling is not something you do TO someone, it’s something You do FOR Someone.”

-Zig Ziglar

The concept of “selling” has a dirty connotation. A lot of times people might think of a slick salesman who pushes and manipulates someone into buying something they shouldn’t.

Let me tell you, if you are selling something of low quality that isn’t what your customer truly needs, then shame on you.

However, you are selling the greatest health care product in the world, chiropractic. And if someone truly needs chiropractic to get better, it’s your ethical responsibility to do everything in your power to sell chiropractic to them.

It’s actually unethical if you don’t.

People naturally have buying resistance.

I love to buy stuff and even *I* have buying resistance. Imagine someone who is less empowered overall, which most of your clients are…

Everybody’s been sold stuff that is bad, or that they don’t need, or been let down in some way by things they have bought. They’re worried about being ripped off again.

They come into your office with the same mentality.

You probably love chiropractic. You know how amazing it is and how it helps people. If you believe chiropractic will solve your clients’ problems, it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to allow your client to overcome their buying resistance so they can buy your product and get the care they need.

If they need it, you HAVE to sell it to them. It’s UNETHICAL not to.

That means you need to get GREAT at SELLING and closing people on chiropractic.

Selling is empowering.

By closing people on chiropractic, you are serving them.

You are helping them overcome their buying resistance to buy something they desperately need and will help them tremendously.

Want to help more people? Learn how to SELL and CLOSE for chiropractic at the highest level and go to Everest Boot Camp. It completely turned around my practice and I know it will for you too.


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