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The ultimate resource for chiropractic business, sales and marketing.

We didn’t get any of this stuff in school. None. We weren’t even exposed to the basics…

I created this site to correct all that. To help you really understand business, sales and marketing, plus the mindset you need to succeed.

I made this site for other people like me – people with drive, who are always looking for an edge, who NEVER give up… whether you are new to practice or have been doing it for a while.

This site is for people who want to learn, grow and develop, who know the best investment you can make is in yourself, and who are willing to continue learning and perfecting the skills you need to fulfill you dreams and desires…

However, if you aren’t interested in putting in effort, are easily “triggered” or offended when spoken to in real, straight up talk, or if you don’t have the desire or mettle to keep walking forward through adversity towards your goals and visions, this probably isn’t the place for you.

That being said, welcome to Chiro Playbook.

Here we’re gonna start with the basics. The following articles are required reading and contain the most basic principles in business, sales, marketing and mindset.

Article to start with: The Greatest Marketing Asset we Have as Chiropractors

Once you read about our greatest marketing asset, read these other articles for a solid foundation to this website.

These articles contain the bare basics when it comes to business, sales, marketing and mindset, however when you read them and internalize their content, you will be ahead of virtually everybody out there, not only in chiropractic but in ALL businesses.


The #1 Purpose of Business

How to do Business on YOUR Terms

Profit Isn’t a Dirty Word

1 Thing NEVER to do in Your Business

How to Deal With Negative Reviews


Sales Isn’t a Dirty Word

How NOT to Communicate Chiropractic

The Only Person Your Patients Care About

The Critical Difference Between Selling and Closing


Marketing 101 – What it is and How to do It

Business Lessons from a Subway Station Musician

Who Do You Want to Be? Waldorph or Walmart?

What Kind of People do You Want in Your Practice?

How to Make Your Practice Attract the Patients You Want


The Truth About “Abundance”

Everybody Can Have a Piece of the Pie – Abundance Part 2

Your Financial Identity – Abundance Part 3

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