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The #1 Person Your Patients Care About – and it’s NOT You

There’s only one person your patients care about.


When they get low on money – they’ll leave (unless you have built incredible value in your services). When something comes up in their lives, that’s their priority. They’ll leave for months at a time, then come back when it’s convenient for them.

Listen, they care about themselves, and YOU have to care about YOURSELF too.

That means:

When your practice changes while they are away, don’t cut them any slack. If your prices went up, charge them more. If you changed procedures, put them through the new procedures.

You have to look after yourself and your own well being.

When you’re starting, I know it’s hard, believe me.

I cut everybody slack. I gave discounts, I wanted everybody to get care, yet I was doing it at my expense.

So I flipped. 180 degrees the other way. I still want everybody to get care, however I’m looking after myself. I charge higher prices, build more value in chiropractic through how I present it (go to EVEREST!!! – MOST IMPORTANT THING I EVER DID), adhere to my “company policy,” and run my practice on MY terms.

You can too. Subscribe today and stick with me.


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