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The #1 Rule of Business Success

IBM. Apple. Chevron. Proctor and Gamble. McDonalds.

Big companies.

What is the role of these businesses?

Is it to sell cloud computing services and infrastructure products? Ipads? Household products? Sandwiches?


You ready for a hot dose of reality?

The role of these businesses is to make money for their shareholders. The way they make money is by selling the aforementioned products and services.

The purpose of any business is to make money for its owners.

Sound too harsh? If it does, you might not have the mentality for business success.

Think about it: why do you want to get into business? Is it to offer jobs? Offer quality chiropractic to the consumer?

Or is it to make money and do business on your terms so you can have more freedom in your life?

Of course you want the business to sell a good product and create value in the marketplace, because that’s what you get rewarded for (along with marketing and sales skills), don’t get me wrong, however that’s not the primary objective of a business.

The primary objective is to make money, and a business does that by producing and selling what they know how to produce and sell. It could be t-shirts, consulting, Ipads, or… getting people out of pain so they can enjoy life again.

When you get into business, you aren’t an employee anymore, you aren’t just a chiropractor either, you are a business owner and entrepreneur.

Being a chiropractor is just one of the hats you wear in your business (if you are doing the adjusting yourself). Your main role as a business owner is to be a seller and marketer of chiropractic and you are in the business of making money.


Business is a 24/7 competition.  If you want to win at business, check out Mark Cuban’s book How to Win at the Sport of Business (it’s short but packed with great info. Buy it on kindle).

Dan Kennedy’s book No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits may be interesting to you as well (highly recommended).


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