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The “Guaranteed Patients on Autopilot” Ad Agency Formula

So you’ve probably seen the ad agency advertisements guaranteeing you chiropractic leads on autopilot.

I saw these ads and got curious exactly what they’re doing.

Well, I figured it out.

It’s not rocket science.

And really, you don’t need to pay the agencies their monthly fees (often $1,200+ per month) to get the same type of funnel they use.

Now, granted, it seems they will manage and test your ads which is a benefit of course.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can set up a similar system yourself and save some money.

Here’s how you do it.

The funnel runs like this:

Facebook ad -> landing page on your website -> appointment booking software with a calendar and pre-payment option.

The Facebook Ad:

Here’s an example of the ad I’m currently testing:

Now, a couple caveats with this ad –

1. I’m not sure they will allow the picture of the golfer grabbing his back and shoulder, and…

2. The ad copy isn’t great. I know how to write a good ad, however facebook has really specific rules about what you can and can’t say in a “medical” ad, so I have to be somewhat vague with the copy.

Facebook has specific rules about not targeting people based on their “disability.” Disability does include back pain or body pain. The ad got through the first ad filter, however we’ll see if it lasts. I think they’ll flag the picture eventually. Either way, I’m going to include a picture or video of me adjusting as an a/b test. People also tend to gloss over stock images so keep this in mind. A lot of the ad agency ads have pictures of the chiropractor adjusting or with patients so I’m going to test this out.

The copy is vague. Due to facebook rules I can’t say something like “is your back pain preventing you from playing your best golf?” or something along those lines. You can’t focus on a negative health problem impacting someone. You have to more go for “pleasure seeking” rather than “pain avoidance.” Facebook allows you to explain conditions you treat or help, however you can’t link your target with those ailments.

The Landing Page

The second part of the funnel includes your landing page. I’ve seen landing pages advertise a “voucher” for a cheap first visit, or allow your lead to make an appointment on the spot. It’s important to include some “social proof” like testimonials to make the lead feel comfortable you are competent. You can collect information through your facebook ad although I haven’t tested that.

I’ve elected to have the lead book immediately while they’re “hot” and interested.

My landing page software is the same software I use for almost all of my webpages. On the landing page I can get a little more specific with my words as you can see in the headline.

I include a little bit about me and some testimonials and location. I think it’s pretty decent however performance will tell.

Appointment Page

The final page is the appointment page. I found a cool software called “Book Like a Boss” which integrates into my email software “Active Campaign.”

“Book like a Boss” is a pretty cool software. The appointment page is probably the best part because you can design it to look like it’s a natural part of your website. You can use the same font and colors, etc.

This software also lets you collect payment for the appointment if you wish. It connects to paypal, stripe and square.

Book Like a Boss will also let you send SMS and email reminders, link up with your outlook or google calendar and more.

If you’re looking for a booking software I think it’s certainly worth a look.

So that’s how these agencies who promise “new patients on autopilot” work.

It starts with a facebook ad, then sends you to a page on your website that offers a voucher for a discounted appointment or a discounted appointment booking.

The last time I ran an ad like this I got about 7 new patients for around $450 in spend which I thought was pretty good. We’ll see how this one performs. I’ll tweak it here and there and let you know the results!

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