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The Truth About Abundance Part 2 – Everybody Can Have Pie

Everybody wants a piece of the pie.

The eyes of scarcity see the world as having just one big pie.

If you take a big piece, someone else gets less, so let’s just distribute the pies evenly, so everyone gets a taste.

The truth is that there isn’t just one big pie. Pies are always coming out of the oven and everyone can have a piece.

Think about it this way:

pieLet’s say we have a baker who makes pies. He’s good at making pie and he makes a lot. When his pies are taken and distributed to people with less pie due to scarcity mindset, everybody loses.

When our baker’s pies are taken by force by those who think having a lot of pie is unfair, everybody will have less.

Instead of taking the baker’s pies and giving it to people who have none, why not let the baker keep his pie?

He can accumulate pies and exchange them for cake or chickens, or other products. This creates demand in the community and increases economic activity. Now that there is demand for cake and chicken, the cake maker and farmer will hire people to make more cake and raise more chickens.

The baker can even sell his pies and use the profits to buy more fruit and hire junior bakers to help him make even more pies. This way everybody can have pie because there is enough for everybody.

The baker can even give pie away to people who don’t have pie and are truly unable to get or make any. The baker knows that he has a lot of pie and feels good about helping people who have none.

However, if you take away his pies, he’ll have less pie to exchange for other goods and services. He won’t be able to buy cake or chickens, forcing the cake maker and chicken raiser to cut jobs and maybe go out of business. He won’t be able to buy more fruit for his pies. He’ll have to lay off the junior bakers he hired to help him make pie.

He won’t have enough pie to give to people who have none.

When the baker’s pies are taken everybody loses. Businesses shrink, the economy shrinks, and people get laid off.

Now everybody has less pie, less of everything really.

So, the baker gets taxed more and more so everyone can have some of the few pies he now makes by himself until he simply has no more pie to take.

Now people start fighting over pie because there is so little. People riot, take pie with force, even kill people for pie (like what’s going on in Venezuela).

The eyes of scarcity think they can tax their way to wealth. The sad fact of the matter is that it doesn’t work and will never work.

Chiropractors put the body in an environment where it can heal itself most effectively. Chiropractors promote an abundance of health and life in the body by removing the barriers that tax the body’s ability to heal.

The same thing happens with economic abundance. Everybody wants pie. The truth is that everybody can have pie because there is more than enough to go around. You just have to see things through the eyes of abundance rather than scarcity.


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