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Who do you Want in Your Practice?

Who do you want to do business with? Who is your ideal client? What is their life like? What are their values? What do they do after work? On weekends? What do they watch on TV?

Do they go home after work and spend the night drinking beer and watching Ice Road Truckers reruns?

Or do they go to the gym after work, cook a healthy meal while listening to music and then relax by watching an educational documentary before bed?

It’s important to get as specific as you can.

The first time I heard about creating a customer avatar, I thought it was silly. I wanted everybody to be my client. What I ended up with was a low value practice with people I didn’t like.


There would be certain people I’d absolutely dread seeing.

They were taking advantage of my cheap fees and generosity.

I’d curse myself every time I saw them drive up.

This was 100% my fault (Well, maybe 99% – I can probably give some credit to a bad coach I had at that time). I was getting paid like 10 bucks a visit, and I hate it.

I didn’t want to get paid 10 bucks a visit, but that’s the culture I created in my office. My coach had the mantra to take care of everybody regardless of their ability to pay. This might be nice for a church, however if I wanted to run a ministry I would have gone to seminary and not chiropractic college.

To run a real chiropractic business, you need to create a customer avatar. As a business owner you have control of who you do business with. It’s YOUR business after all.

Not only will a defined customer avatar get those people through the door, if you design your marketing to talk to this particular person, it will resonate with them much more.

One of the keys about good advertising is to write your ads as if you’re talking to ONE person about ONE thing.

Creating a customer avatar will give you a clear picture of who you want, how to talk to them, and will allow you to attract them into your office.



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